Tuition (LC Kids)

Tuition Schedule: 

0-1-year old Care — $265.00/week
1-2-year-old Care — $255.00/week
2-year-old Preschool — $245.00/week
3-year-old Preschool — $225.00/week
4-year-old Kindergarten – $195.00/week

Scholarships may be available for qualified applicants. You must be eligible for free/reduced meals to qualify. Contact us to request a scholarship application.
Rates are based on full-time attendance of more than 4 hours per day.  4 hours or less per day will be result in a fee of half of the weekly rate.
The first child will be assessed the full tuition.  A second child will receive $25.00 off/week.
Tuition can be paid weekly or biweekly.
You may take 2 weeks vacation each year.  There is no deduction for sick days.

Registration Fees:
Registration — $50.00
The registration fee must be paid before your child will be considered enrolled.

Lighthouse Kids is located at 1356 MacArthur Rd. Madison, WI 53714
To enroll, call 608-709-5450 or click the Register link at the top of the page.

We are a state-licensed daycare.
# 1012083

For help paying for child care, please contact Wisconsin Shares at 1-888-794-5556