Our infant program is designed to provide your baby with a safe, healthy & loving environment. We ensure that not only are their basic needs met, but they are given plenty of social & emotional experiences throughout the day. Teachers work closely with you to design a routine that most closely represents your home routine.


Our preschool classrooms are designed to encourage learning.  Our classes are taught in English and Spanish beginning in our two-year old classroom.  Everyday your child will learn skills that will prepare them for school like letters, numbers, writing and reading.  Instructional times are between 8:30AM — 3:15 PM.

Extended care available (3:45 – 5:30) –  Children must be picked up by 5:30 PM or will be charged an extra fee.

We study a variety of themes throughout the year such as colors, shapes, seasons, family, animals, weather, senses, etc. Our program also provides students with a variety of experiences to enhance their learning such as field trips, games, art projects, music and gym class and Chinese class.