Infants & Preschool Tuition

Tuition Schedule*:
Weekly Rates Effective 08/31/2016

Full Time Rates*:

Infants (6 months) – 1 year-old Care — $300.00/week
2-year-old Preschool — $185.00/week

3 – 4-year-old Preschool — $155.00/week
4K Program — $140.00/week


Daily Rates* (Subject to availability):

2-year-old Preschool — $42.00/day
3 – 4-year-old Preschool — $37.00/day
4 – year-old Preschool — $32.00/day

There are no sick days.

Please note our rates are significantly discounted from the average rates in Madison. Rates are not negotiable.

If you have trouble paying for child care, please contact the “Wisconsin Shares” Child Care Subsidy Program at (608) 242-7441.

We are a state-licensed daycare. #1012083