Grade School Tuition

Tuition Schedule:

Kindergarten through 5th — $2,600.00 per year

Tuition can be paid in 10 equal payments of $260.00 from September to June

The first child will be assessed the full tuition.  A second child will receive $250.00 off and a third child will receive $510.00 off.

After school Rates (school age) 3:30 — 5:30 PM:

$9.00 daily drop-in
$40.00 per month
 for students enrolled in our school.
$150.00 per month for students NOT enrolled in our school.

Field trips, uniforms and any other extracurricular activities are additional expenses.

Non-school days Care:

4K – $37.00/day
K-5 – $32.00/day

Registration Fees:

$150.00 per year due in August.

The registration fee must be paid before your child will be considered enrolled. This fee will purchase workbooks and teaching materials for the entire year.

Students in grades 1 and up must also take a placement test to determine academic skill level.